Why Can’t You Move On

Why Can’t you move on in Life? A Helpful guide

at some point in your life, some tragedy or setbacks are common. Bad things are quite natural but it leaves a mark on your life, teaching you a lesson perhaps. Your friend asks yourself – Why can’t you move on, But you know the truth, it is not a cakewalk.

some people accept and move on while some find it difficult to cooperate with the situation.

So what restricts you from moving on to the brighter side of life?

Here we will get answers to these following questions—

  1. What does it mean if you can’t get over someone?
  2. How can I forget someone?
  3. How do you let go of someone you can’t be with?
  4. Why is letting go hard?
  5. How do I let go of the past?
  6. How do you move on and let go?

Why people can’t move on?

There is a whole explanation of this simple topic all around the internet. But in simple words, why people can’t move on because they have allowed someone or something to control their life and happiness. When you try to rely on other things or emotions for your own happiness then you become attached to it, hence any loss of those items causes immense pain. This is the sad reality. We hold on too much on the things outside our control.

Something or an individual has become a vehicle for you, and you just can’t leave it. You are probably thinking that “If I get this car” — Then only I will be complete, “If she becomes my friend” — I will be happy.

Straight B.S., you are constantly constructing your mind in such a way that it allows your brain to think that you are not complete. It keeps searching for filling in those gaps.

What does it mean if you can’t get over someone?

things like a breakup and teenage relationship are becoming more common. You have at some point in your life have been in a relationship. To all the singles reading this, comment below with “No”.

it becomes easier to let go, someone when you don’t allow the other one to become a medium for your happiness. If you are thinking about Love, it is a different concept —

Love is cherishing the other party unselfishly, without disrupting your inner harmony. Love is all about serving the other person instead of expecting. Now I think you have understood, why you can’t get over someone.

How do I let go of the past?

it is not all about breakups anymore, some tragedy lasts longer in your life. I met a girl a few months ago, who was mentally abused by his cousin, she asked me

“What would you do, if the mark of an incident is permanently stuck to your life?”

I did not have the answer at that time, but I think I have a better explanation for that

“If you have any bad memories and want to move on from them, then whenever you get those glimpses try to remember it as a lesson.

I also have a fair share of experiences, so I can relate.

  • Get yourself busy with the things you love to do.
  • Pursue your hobbies.
  • Try to do something for this world.
  • Maintain a daily journal

Why Can’t You Move On

The following are the 6 steps that will guide me to be a better human being by improving these key factors.

  1. Stop overthinking-Most of our stress is internally generated due to our habit of overthinking. If your friend or boss does not reply to your message, it does not mean he hates you. It might just mean he is occupied at the moment. If a presentation did not go well, that does not mean it is the end of your career. Everyone has bad days. It just means you need to focus on your next presentation, instead of spending the next few hours overthinking.
  2. Stay Visionary-Never allow negative thoughts to stay in your mind. Do not fight with anyone or shout at anyone unnecessarily, as that takes away your own energy. Be a visionary, before taking any steps always ask yourself “What is the worst thing that could possibly happen?”, by doing this you will not be disappointed when something bad happens as you have already known that good and bad thing is natural in life and we must maintain an emotional equilibrium.
  3. Stay occupied. As they say, the empty mind is the devil’s workshop. Keep yourself occupied all the time. If you have free time, learn some new skills. Develop a hobby that you really like, and that will keep you occupied during your free time.
  4. Stop caring about what others think. Stop adhering to the norms of society if you don’t want to. People will always judge you, no matter what you do. Stop getting affected by the expectations others have from you. At the same time, stop expecting anything from others as well. Focus on your own work and interests instead.
  5. Embrace solitude. Sometimes, all you need is some quiet time with yourself to release all your negative thoughts and fill your mind with contentment. Being with others all the time will not give you the chance to free your mind of stress. Go out for an evening walk alone, spend some time alone listening to soothing music, spend some time reading a book, or just spend some time travelling alone. Do whatever appeals to you, but embrace solitude.
  6. Don’t take things personally — Everyone seems to be thinking of themselves as very important while they don’t know that someday we all going to die. Don’t take everything thin personally, the moment someone is angry with you will forget that in minutes, don’t stress upon yourself over the past embarrassments or failures. When you take things personally, you might be sensitive to the words or actions of others or you interpret things in a negative way. Perhaps someone says something which you take as an insult or you assume a person doesn’t like you if they walk past without saying hello
Why Can’t You Move On
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