i don't know what love is

I don’t know what love is-Untold secret

i don’t know what love is , This is what most of us are like today. For all the Men reading This, I want you to look at the girl below.

what everyone should know about true love

Tell me, How many of you will fall for this Girl if she proposes you.

The Girl is tall, good-looking, graduated from the top colleges of your Time, had a great academic record, and works in a top MNC.

Probably most of the guys out, there will say “ Yes”.

Now coming to all the woman who is reading this.

what everyone should know about true love

How many of you will fall for a guy in the above picture, He has a business, looks good and is tall and a nice taste of dressing.

These are just my assumptions, which I think applies to most of the men and women in this world.

Today, people are falling in love with each other based on factors that satisfy their own needs and cravings.

What is true love ?

Actual love is the love of care and a sense of cultivation for your partner, love can only exist when both the party becomes the complementary opposite of each other. When two people have nothing to hide, no one to impress, nothing to lose and no games to play that is when real intimacy happens says Maryam Hasnaa

I have seen, heard, felt different kinds of love as anyone of you would have. But sometimes the word “true love” confuses me. I have had my own perceptions regarding True Love. But I was never able to express it well enough to impart my perception to another individual. Then I came across this work of Abraham Twerski which is described below. I felt like he just wrote down my kind of true love which I was never able to write with such clarity.

if you feel the same way I do, then do give a read ahead.

i don’t know what love is – What true love feels like

Once, Abrahan Twerski a Jewish Scholar was asked what is true love. he then explained with a beautiful Theory —

Why are you eating that fish? — A young man was asked

because I love Fish, said the young man

Oh ! you Love the Fish, that is why you took it out of the water, killed it, and boiled it. Don’t tell me you love the fish

What true love feels like

You love yourself. the fish tastes good to you therefore you took it out of the water and killed it.In today’s world, the So-called Love is Actually a “Fish love”, if you tell a Young man that — “Why did you fall in love with that woman?

he would say — oh ! because she is beautiful, independent, strong, and matches my own mindset.

what does that mean?

It simply means that that today a young man feels that, a woman could provide him with all the physical and emotional needs, similarly, a woman these days also feels that a man could satisfy all kinds of needs. This is what people are calling Love, but in a real sense, each one is looking out for their own needs, it is not loving for the other.

How can that be called Love?

this is why the divorce rate is rising, today marriages are taking place just because a man gets a heavy paycheck or the woman is good looking.

today the other person is becoming a vehicle for someone else’s gratification.

What true love is all about

People make huge mistakes in thinking that you give to those whom you love, but actually, you love those to whom you Give.

true love is what you try to elevate your partner the more emotionally intense and powerful your love will grow.

“If I give something to you, I have invested something to you “ — Rabbi Dessler

Everyone loves themselves, but now that you have invested something in someone, the part of you is in the other that you can love.

A love between a man and a woman is the love of giving each other rather than expecting. comparison kills a relationship more than compatibility, thus a bonding without any external bias serves a sheer truth of affection and love.

what true love is all about

What are the signs of true love ?

These are the Signs of True love that I believe represents a clear affection.

  1. Elevating each other — Love is all about giving each other and helping to grow. If you are driven towards someone just because of the looks, then it will be called more of a fascination rather than love. Although as humans, we first get attracted by the look, in the look run compatibility matters the most with a touch of empathy for the other.
  2. Togetherness — Togetherness is all about supporting each other in a tough time, it is not that. This might sound a bit counterintuitive but Falling in Love solely due to wealth or materialistic attraction causes unsettling love. A man or a woman who is able to hold each other in hardships are true soulmates.
  3. Allowing independence — It is the act of a wise individual to know when to leave your partner alone, everyone needs some time to spend all alone, more loves come from this. When your partners need time with himself, don’t question.
  4. Trust — Every relationship is built upon trust, with a proper sense of faith in each other, and constant doubt can kill a love life.
  5. Giving more — At last, comes the point which plays the most important role showing the signs of love. Giving more in a sense means to unselfishly love your partner without any expectation of reward in return.

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