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1.The Psychology of Motivation and Finding Happiness by Dr. Maxwell Maltz

In this Personal growth video, you will learn about psycho-cybernetics

explained by Dr Maxwell Maltz based on the book – psycho-cybernetics Psycho-cybernetics is a term coined by Dr Maxwell Maltz which means “steering your mind to a productive, useful goal so you can reach the greatest port in the world: peace of mind”.

►learn how to use your brain correctly

►productive thoughts lead to productive results on

►how to choose happiness in life

2.Tim Ferris on Learning: How to Use DiSSS method To Master any Skill ( CASE STUDY )

Learn How to master any skill you want within 6-12 months. Sounds Crazy? well here is a guided method by The author of the 4-hour workweek Tim Ferriss The DiSSS method

1. Di- Deconstruction

2. S – Selection

3. S – Sequencing

4. S – Stakes It is a system to learn anything within a guided breakdown for easy consumption of knowledge

3.When To Quit on Something: How Quitting can Make you Successful

This Personal growth Video Explains the right and wrong time to quit on your goals or something that you are trying to make successful. This one factor can make or break your ultimate vision in Life.

Inspired by Book – “The Dip” by Seth Godin, this video describes its similar approach to this theory.

They quit when they should be sticking: when they hit the Dip. And they stick when they should be quitting: when they’re on a dead-end when they’re stuck, and when it feels safe WATCH! AND SHARE WITH YOUR FRIENDS AS WELL

4.The 7 Daily Habits that Can Change Your Life | How to Create a Productive Life Explained

If you are wondering to find out some simple habits that can change your life for good then Sit tight and watch this personal growth video The major habits that are discussed above are

  • Practice writing
  • Spend Time in Solitude
  • Set a Vision instead of just a Goal
  • Cut down on Your Ego!
  • Curiosity in little things
  • Exploring new things
  • Being in a Productive social group

and I believe that these 7 daily practices have transformed my life heavily, from where I am today, I am thankful.

5.Inspiring Story Of Socrates : Teaching You the Key of Living a Happy life

This Personal growth video Video is based on the Story of Socrates – Which will teach you what Patience can bring to your Life As I have seen, most of the miseries of people are caused by unnecessary arguments and hostility towards other behaviour and opinions Instead, What we should do is to focus more on our cultivating our own consciousness, this is the actual strength of Life which is Mostly ignored.

Watch till the end and share with someone, who finds this video helpful

6. Inspiring Story: Finding The Secret of Happiness (EYE-OPENING)

This Personal growth video will teach you the basic theory of happiness that most of us lack. Most of us rely on materialistic things to find happiness, that is what ruins our inner peace Happiness is a state, a flow and a journey, after all, don’t fool around – Watch this video and find out

7. An Inspiring Story: Finding The Purpose of Your Life (EYE-OPENING)

What would you say if someone asks you –

“What is the Purpose of Your Life?” Today Life is filled with fancy terms like goals, aim, success, and whatnot, but we are missing something here? and that missing part is explained in the above video If you take your time to watch till the end of the video, then you will understand what is most vital If you got the meaning behind this video then do Share this video to someone who might need to see this

8. Inspirational Story on Patience: Gautama Buddha and The Angry Brahmin

This Personal growth video is for anyone who easily gets hurt by others’ opinions and criticisms, the lessons here will teach you why all the outside matters don’t matter and you are the only controller of The life you have This story is inspired by a real Indicden when Gautam buddha was encountered by an angry Brahmin. Watch till the end !!

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