the benefit of the doubt

the benefit of doubt -Is Self-doubt Bad or Good

the benefit of doubt are many yet undiscovered, We have doubts, we all are afraid of something in life, but with a fair share of experience in my very own life, I can say that all those things that are bothering you especially doubt and fear are just made up things in our head. We assume too much without gathering enough facts.

But does that mean that having self-doubts are bad? absolutely not.

Doubts are not bad at all, sometimes doubts are a clear indication that you are searching for the truth and meaning of your existence. Doubts also indicate that you are trying to explore the world but at the same time you are uncertain of it. It is a completely common feeling as human beings, I have researched a few ideas and conclusion on how doubts can actually help you, let’s dive deeper

How I overcame Doubts ( Real Life experience )

I did not know the benefit of doubt earlier, Suppose you want to start something new, what will be the first question that might stick in your mind?

Will it work? It is quite common, to be honest. I remember, when I was starting This inspiration abode community, I had the same question in my mind.

Will it work? are people willing to take time and grab my contents?

This is typically called a “Doubt”.

I started with zero followers on my Instagram and at the same time, I also started a youtube channel to share ideas for a better life, you can click here to find out that channel. I was confused and uncertain. I thought that “Why should people even watch my videos?” — There is a lot of channels similar to mine then why should I take the risk and chance to waste my time. I was afraid

But, you never know what you are going to get out from something until you work for it

Now that I have started that project, you seem to have some progress and then again you start to question yourself. You are feeling a bit of uncertainty about your journey and in search of Clarity. It happens

if you ask someone, he would tell you that- “hey man, You should not judge your own capabilities and system around you, believe in yourself”

But, the question arises — “Is Doubt really a Bad Thing as everyone says?”

the benefit of doubt

I was recently watching a Video by Sadhguru, where he was talking about self-doubt and confidence.

I got fascinated to learn more about it, After clicking into that video, I was astonished to learn the fact that doubts are actually good to have. It means that you are searching for the truth within.

Sadhguru says —

Doubt is good, It means you are searching for the truth.Suspicion is sickness

These words are remarkably accurate.

is self doubt normal ?

Doubts are perfectly okay to have but always having a feeling- that something is going to be wrong is inappropriate. Only a fool is dead sure of what they are doing Doubt means it is an active intelligence system within you, looking for the answers from the world around allows you to constantly look for clarity in your process and forces you to question everything. Which is indeed a Good Thing.

Encourage doubt withing you, too much confidence will hurt you in the wrong run. Be doubtful but Joyfully, enjoy what you are doing but be absolutely uncertain of all the predictions.

Enjoy the mystery and uncertainty of life.

Is self doubt bad ?

You see we human beings are an element of this planet, we grow up being bright, colourful, and full of vivacity.

Ask a child — “ What You are going to be when you grow up”

he will reply to you with some wildly big dreams. But it is so sad to see that the same child when becomes an adult gets lost in conformity and the herd.

Simply because when we went through the process of becoming an adult, we never questioned our existence nor we feel doubtful. We accept everything that is given to us and falls in the trap of being certain, Hence Self-Doubt is sometimes Good to make you realize and reflect on your life.

He stopped looking for answers on his existence, he becomes too confident and certain about life, that is why it leads him like the rest of the population.

Doubt is like the Sun, It is the necessity of life, No matter wherever you are it will still be there. Once you learn to embrace its avenues you thrive

Everybody chants “believe in yourself”, I say, “Let’s Doubt ourselves, Ask ourselves questions and get to know

Doubt Definition and Is self doubt a weakness ?

Self-doubt is commonly known as doubting your belief system.

Even Google Says it as “Lack of confidence in oneself and one’s abilities”. I would want to change something here, this definition is partially correct.

Tell me, Why is it wrong to challenges or doubt your belief system? Why shouldn’t your question yourself and doubt until you found out the truth?

Self-doubts are sometimes good, it keeps you sharp, just like the habit of writing daily and if we think that we know everything, we become arrogant and don’t have to learn any new exploration. Therefore doubts are nothing but a way of asking yourself a question to ponder and reflect on your life.

Whenever you find yourself in a difficult situation or catch up in a distressful situation, whom would you doubts?

The people around you, your friends probably. But have you ever thought about yourself?

You are actually responsible for everything happening around you and Doubt gives you a source and a path to challenge those and truly find yourself.

The benefit of doubt – Power of Healthy Self-Doubt

  1. Doubt Helps You Get Clarified In Life- Without Doubt, you won’t be asking yourself enough question and fall in the same path as the society shows you.
  2. Doubts assist in self-discovery-sometimes when doubts come it makes you realize many life lessons but most importantly is the point of self-discovery.
  3. Self-awareness boost-Using doubt the right way can lead to self-awareness boost, in other words understanding your strength and knowing your weaknesses.
  4. Revealing new lessons-asking yourself questions is a vital part of your self-growth journey, and sometimes Doubt allows ask yourself deepest question worth pondering.
  5. A vital part of self-audit process- Whenever things are not going in the right way, doubt comes and don’t try to wash it away, it is a part of your self-audit process when you understand why things are not working in the way you wanted.

Conclusion- Why Doubts are not Always Bad

Doubt is good, but that does not mean confidence is a joke. A well-posed man is confident, but his attitude also consists of a powerful ingredient that is highly ignored around us. And the ingredient is “Clarity”.

Confidence without clarity is like A ship without direction. Your mind is on the journey and started smoothly like a ship but if it does not know his destination and can’t see the path clearly he will be lost. Hence While finding the clarity you have to through the process of Doubt.

How to Find Clarity in life?

  • Learn the ways of life and prepare yourself for it
  • Develop your mental skillsets.
  • Try and Travel to new different things and places.
  • Ask yourself questions.
  • Be Doubtful but not in suspicion.

Life is an ongoing process and a series of problems and opportunities, countless distressing moments, and joyful adventure.

Those who keep themselves in equilibrium and do not let outside situations break the inner balance and harmony of their inner self, attain a confusion-free mind.

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