How Writing Helps In Personal Growth

How Writing Helps in Personal growth(A Real Story)

“We write to taste life twice, in the moment and in retrospect,” said Anais Nin

How Writing Helps In Personal Growth?, Writing is thinking, it is the way of becoming your idol, All the things you are seeing right now in your life have an origin of “writing”,— Interesting isn’t it?

Well, without a pen and a paper probably Albert Einstein would never be able to scribble the theory of relativity, nor Isaac newton would ever have been able to find out the reason behind the apple which fell on his head. If you look closely then writing has shaped our lives, since the inception of the human era and we can agree that there are several benefits of writing.

Everything is connected to writing, consciously, or unconsciously every great decision, and Personal Development thoughts have a key area and that is thinking and that too comes from writing. therefore Writing is a prime source of self-reflection and Here is a proper guide which shows how it helped my life

How to use writing as a tool for personal growth ?

The question always arises that-“How writing helps in personal growth”. As per my research writing can improve your life in numerous ways and I am the living example of that. A few years ago when I did not know what I wanted to do with my life, when I was visionless and lack any proper knowledge of the world I use to write in a journal.

My thoughts and the things I wanted to try in life which would at least give me a meaningful, I tried everything I wrote down one after another.

Back then I was not so aware of How Writing Helps In Personal Growth, but when I look back, I found that writing has profoundly shaped my thoughts process and the person I am today.

  • Helps in Critical Thinking — Jordan Peterson an influential Canadian clinical psychologist says that writing is Thinking and when you write you are strategizing the things and art of getting work done which enhances your critical thinking
  • Breeds Imagination — Writing is a form of creativity infusers, a person who writes stories, fiction, or creative poems also thinks at the same time, the more you write such kind of stuff the more nueral pathways your brain will open and strengthen for future information processing. This helps in developing your imaginative side of life.
  • Ease Emotional Pain — With proper use of journaling, one can reduce the burden of heavy thoughts in their mind. Sometimes when we have no one to talk to, writing is perhaps the best solution as some great novels and poems are also written in such a way.
  • Planning in Life — The best effects of writing is proper planning, as it helps you down to scrawl down figures and mind maps that keep your life in an organized way.

Why is writing by hand important? and How Writing Helps In Personal Growth

According to Los angels times Report —manually putting the pen into paper has benefits in brain development.

Recent research has found that when students are taught how to write by hand, they also increase their brain activity and improve they are fine motor skills. Related benefits were not identified when kids were typing or simply repeating their lessons verbally. Moreover, when you actually write as compared to just repeating the words then there is a more chance you will recognize those things even after few months as it stores that information directly in your conscious mind, so it can be remembered for longer times.

Experts compared the neuroimage scans of preschoolers who were learning to write by practicing printing their letters and those who were just doing verbal repetition.

The kids who have gone through 4 weeks on training and practiced writing by hand showed brain activation similar to an adult’s, said James, the study’s lead researcher. The benefits of writing by hand also introduced improved letter identification, which is the number1 predictor of reading ability at age 5.

How Writing Helps In Personal Growth

What happens in your brain when you write?

  • Have you ever wondered that those write in cursive is actually performing a brain-boosting activity? Research shows that handwriting is extremely helpful for children in their early years. It increases creativity and stimulates brain functions doubling their productivity. It is also found that cursive writing helps children and adults to fight dyslexia and other psychological disorders
  • Another famous neurophysiologist N. Berstein described in his book —The Co-ordination and Regulation of Movements wrote that the performance of simple writing on a paper or drawing alphabets on the sand is the outcome of several processes that involve the brain, optic memory, sequence of gestures and motor control.
  • Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT) is related to Expressive Writing which requires their patients to write down their feelings in order to ease u their depression and stress. In research on cognitive processing therapy, participants showed a significant reduction in posttraumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and improvement of cognitive health just by writing. Learn more about CPT by clicking here.

What are the benefits of writing? and How writing a journal help

How Writing Helps In Personal Growth? Is writing well for your brain? this is the same question I have been asking myself, but after my research, I found several key benefits of writing, here are some of those that I myself have experienced —

How Writing Helps In Personal Growth
  • Aids Overthinking — I felt the same way when I finish writing my journal, the thoughts that trouble us can often vanish from our mind when we express it in the form of writing.
  • Clarifies Vision — When you formulate your ideas on a piece of paper you Strengthen your mental vision to a specific goal.As writing makes you more aware of what you need to do and helping you to prioritize tasks at the same time.
  • Self-healing therapy — In the book “Expressive Writing: Words that Heal” by James Pennebaker, the positive power of expressive writing has been defined. The authors also proposed several models of the matter. Feel free to read that book from here.
  • Facilitates Mental Wellbeing — James W. Pennebaker who is an American psychologist once said that giving yourself at least 20 minutes daily to writing can have wondrous health benefits. In his book Writing about Emotional Experiences as a Therapeutic Process, he emphasized putting in the thoughts in the form of words for emotional healing. And a habit of writing which extends 6 weeks can help in mental wellbeing.

How writing helps in Personal Growth ( how writing changed my life )

“The life of every man is like a diary in which he means to write one story, and writes another, and his humblest hour is when he relates the volume as it is with what he vowed to make it.” — J.M. Barrie

I am a big fan when It comes to writing in a diary, most of my behaviors and productive habits are shaped by being a continuously devoted writer as well as a reader for years.

I have always asked myself How Writing Helps In Personal Growth, why I am journaling? I have been journaling for a long time and have finished 4 journals till now, And if you are also into writing and all then I would definitely suggest that you start from today.

Today when I take a glance and turn the pages and reminiscences from the pages of my Journal, that eventually reflects how I proceeded and made through all those years.

When you read someone’s autobiography, you get motivated. The best motivation is the motivation that comes from within, — and my journal gives it to me every time I open it to write something.

  • My inclination for writing has helped me to begin writing on Quora, I have not only gained a quality amount of knowledge from there but I also stand out as a writer in the personal growth area.
  • Somtimes when the stressful weeks become unbearable and I pen them in the form of poetry and quotes, I think some of you guys might also have done this.
  • Someone even Asked Me in Quora About how to Journal, I consider everyone should Begin as it has incredible powers of self-nurturing.

Final Thoughts

If you still have the question-How Writing Helps In Personal Growth then I think this article has given you a proper explanation. Apart from all the information that I have given you in this article, I would definitely consider knowing what you feel about all the writing stuff.

Do you ever write or planning? Share your thoughts in the Comments and Do share this with someone who needs to hear the benefits.

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