How To Make Your Subconscious Mind Believe Something

How to make your Subconscious Mind Believe Something

How To Make Your Subconscious Mind Believe Something, this is the question I have been asking myself for a quite long time, I often wondered why some people get success so easily and seamlessly, while others struggle all day and night. Things started to easily come to those people while others keep grinding without any significant result.

I was recently reading the book — “The power of Your Subconscious mind by Dr.Joseph Murphy”.That book aroused my urges to write about it, I was curious to know —

  • how does our subconscious mind work?
  • how to achieve your dream by sharing your thoughts in the right way?
  • Is the concept of the subconscious mind really true?

The meaning in life and miracle that we are searching for in within your mind, as it might sound absurd but your brain acts as a transmitter ina attract thoughts and emotion around your surrounding. That is why all great leaders and influential people always say that — “You are what you think about all day long”.

the secret to such life is not complicated, as I have spent a few weeks learning and analyzing the power of our subconscious mind, that you will be shocked to know.

Subconscious Mind meaning

there are two factors that affect your mind

  • Conscious
  • Subconscious

Conscious mind helps you to take decision by choices whereas subconscious mind is something which covers 95% of your mind. The subconscious mind is like a loyal listener, it accepts what you tell him. Your Subconscious mind does not engage in responding whether your thoughts are good or bad, the words that come out your mouth get installed in your subconscious mind just like an order.

Your subconscious mind is huge and can carry infinite amounts of information and knowledge and there are many more traits that truly astonishing. And if you want to get more ideas from Joseph Murphy’s Book on subconscious mind then click the link below to listen it on Audiobook.

How To Make Your Subconscious Mind Believe Something

Many of us have powers that are yet to be discovered, there are also some people who never explore what is lying within them.

The power within you must not die without adding any values in the world, hence you must learn how to unveil those powers and use it.

Using The subconscious mind is a very powerful method, I have experienced it in my own life, this technique works properly when understood effectively. Your brain is a transmitter and you can universe’s energies to make your dreams come true, but only when you use it in a proper way as explained further in this article

when you say things like

“I can’t do this “

“I am too old now”

“I can’t meet this obligation”

“I was born in the wrong place”

you are contaminating your subconscious mind with these negative thoughts, Blocking your own good.

To make your subconscious mind work on something you need just need to say it, your brain is a transmitter and you can use universe’s energies to make your dreams come true, but only when you use it in a proper way as The subconscious mind is like a loyal listener, it accepts what you tell him. ( As explained more below ).

How To Make Your Subconscious Mind Believe Something

Your subconscious mind can heal you and can give you the things you deserve. Believe in what you say and where you spend your time.

“A flower cannot grow surrounding by weeds”

just like water takes the shape of the pipe it flows through, the principle of your life flows according to your thinking.

Why positive affirmations don’t always work?

you might be thinking that I repeated so many affirmations before why can’t I receive all of that. affirmations don’t always work? what if your prayer remains unanswered?.

What are the reasons behind such failure?

  1. Lack of confidence
  2. Too many efforts.

Just saying “ I will become a millionaire” won’t turn you into one. Affirmations should not be used in this way. One must remember that whenever your subconscious mind listens to your orders it immediately starts to work on it. Don’t try too hard on repeating an affirmation, just say it and believe in it. Hope is a beautiful thing.

When you use your subconscious mind constructively it will bring joy, freedom, and independence, but most of us don’t do that right away.

most of us force our subconscious mind by continuously repeating those affirmations. Don’t try too hard, never try to compel your subconscious mind to accept your idea by using willpower.

Any time you try to force your subconscious mind to do something for you, you will fail miserably.

That is why affirmations don’t work for everybody. The results in want will start to turn away from you. Your subconscious mind does not respond to mental oppression, in other words, any affirmation or thoughts installed forcibly will fail.

always use the easy way, let good thoughts come to you easily.

If you say “ I am healthy”, act like that you are actually healthy and fit.

If you say “ I am wealthy”, act as if you are filled with abundance.

Use your imagination, not your willpower.

The feeling of health will produce health, feeling of wealth will give you wealth in abundance, feeling of being independent is the ultimate freedom.

How can I train my subconscious mind?

  • Prayers — Your Prayer will be answered because your subconscious mind in the principle, and by principle, it means the way things work.

For example — the principle of electricity works from a higher to lower potential. Turning a lamp just because you want to read a book is indirectly using the principle of electricity.

Your Subconscious mind is the principle. Similarly, you can use the principle of your subconscious mind in the form of prayer to get something out of it.

The 3 steps to success in prayers

how to pray properly
  1. Acknowledge or admit the problem.
  2. Turn the problem over the subconscious mind, which alone knows the most effective solution or way out.
  3. Rest with a sense of deep conviction that it is done.

do not say to yourself that — “ I wish I could be healthy” or “ I hope this works”.

believe that you are already healthy and you are grateful for that.

  • Affirmations — Never use such expression as “I can’t afford it” or “I can’t do this”. Your subconscious mind listens to you as you say whether negative or positive.Instead use “How can afford this”, a simple alteration in your thoughts can have a magical impact in your life.

Don’t forcibly use affirmations, let good thoughts come to your easily without any compulsion.

  • law of belief — Everything that you have produced in your life is the result of your thought process. Remember, it is not the things believed in, but the belief in your own mind that brings the result.

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Start believing in the infinite qualities and opportunities you have been given my life. Stop criticizing, distressed by opinions of others and fears that plague your dreams.

  • Visualization technique — Working harder does not lead to a better result. Without using willpower visualize your way through the end of the task that you want to accomplish in your life.

Imagine the happy ending or solution to your problems, feel the thrill of accomplishment, and what you imagine and feel will be accepted by your subconscious mind, which will be listened to.

Conclusion & Final Thoughts

these are the Disruptive powers of your subconscious mind explained, share this with someone who is doing it the wrong way. And remember never let negative thoughts and doubts pull you down, accept your flaws, and look forward.

let us know, how to feel about the affirmations part? did it surprise you, comment below?

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