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Asking for Help: The Right Way ( Explained )

we all need some advice from people who have gone through different seasons of life. Asking for help, Learning from them might give you the opportunity to not repeating the same mistake again.

Imagine you are a professional football player.

you need to learn all the skills and tactics to win a game. You practised a lot, still, you feel you need to learn more. Then, you got a chance to learn from football legend Cristiano Ronaldo. ( A professional football player )

Cristiano Ronaldo, I want to be a professional football player, you are my idol, I see your goals in my dreams”

I am ready to work for you in return Will you be my coach? , — You asked

Just imagine, how many things can you learn from him. But suppose instead of asking for help, you would shy away from him, and never really open yourself up, then do you think you could have discovered some great advice from Cristionao Rolando. Yes, the answer is no. This is where people make mistakes, they think that asking for helo is a bad thing.

(by the way, Ronaldo does not take classes)

Anyways, This is called asking for help. Asking for help is a strength, which all people should develop.

here, in this article, you will learn practical ways to ask for help That I have also used in my life, here are insights into my experience.

Why do we really need help from others?

In short, we need help as you know A bundle of sticks is more powerful than a single stick. If ask for for help, you might discover some great ideas and information from people who have already gone through that phrase that you are about to explore, hence you need help for understanding, grow, discover and create yourself into a better person.

But, today people are afraid of asking for help. But, there is a deep factor lying in it. These are the things that come in your mind while asking for a favour: —

  1. What will he/she think of me?
  2. If they reject me.
  3. They don’t understand my problem better than myself.
  4. Probably no one wants to listen to me.
  5. What if they laugh at me?

I completely understand these are so common things, we are social animals and we are bound to have emotions as stated above.

But, until you ask you will never know. If you ask someone experienced in a field that you want to be in or you literally need help for your life then there is nothing wrong to ask for help.

Barack Obama Quote on asking for Help and being humble

You can’t just go alone all the time, you need to analyze, learn, and experiment and most importantly ask from people who have gone through the same journey.

What are the benefits of Asking for help?

The following are some benefits of asking for help that I have learned from my own experience.

  • You learn deeply — First of all, things that are happening to you, someone else has already might have gone through the same experience. It is just a matter of asking help from that individual
  • You become Self-aware — When learning from other people’s mistakes, you can avoid some of the mistakes that cost them, in general, you become more self-aware when you try to take suggestions from others.
  • Develops Consciousness — Asking for help, makes your conscious mind aware of what you can expect from a situation to some extent.
  • Builds Communication — communication is developed through talking to different people and asking for advice helps you to build a relationship with a variety of people.
  • Relief Stress — Ask for help, because it is a stress reliever, if you are anxious about something or feeling down, accept it. Go talk to someone and release your stress.

Asking For Help-how to asking for help ( right way )

The question is How do you politely ask for something? and how to make the other person feel that helping you can get himself something. In simple terms, while asking for any favours always try to something in return for the person who is helping you. Just asking for favour do not build any good relationship, always try to create a win-win situation. That way, it will be easier to ask for a favour from someone else. A win-win situation works well.

If someone says “No” to you then there is nothing personal here.

Take “No” for an answer. Don’t be taken aback or get upset if someone turns you down for a favor.

When someone turns you down, thank them for their time and ask if she might be interested in the future. Don’t take the “no” personally.

Why Asking for help is a strength?

Asking for help means you are curious to know about yourself and you believe that there is a lot to explore new things. Asking for help also depicts that “you are believing in the fact that you can’t just know everything”. You are trying to find out new things and explore your imagination by asking advice or suggestion from other people, who experienced in life.

Therefore, never be afraid to make bold steps toward asking someone for help, because that is not a weakness. But, a strength indeed.

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