Self Help Skills For The Young Generations

9 self help skills for the young generations

I recently turned 21, still in my early 20s – Although I am not eligible to write this, I am sharing some of the 9 important self-improvement ideas or self help skills I learned from interacting with prosperous and wise people from different sectors

Self-Improvement Ideas and self-help skills are important for the young generation to learn because it will help them to be more aware in term of their strengths or weaknesses, assisting them to catch up with specific hobbies or skills and turn it up into a meaningful driven purpose. ( Steps explained below )

1.Use Power of Sex Transmutation(healthy relationships)

This is one of the most vital self help skills which is simply using your sexual energies and converting them into your power, Relationship is not as damaging as subjected by most people. Although nowadays most of them are, In the book, “think and grow rich”, napoleon hill has written that

  • Desire.
  • Faith.
  • Love.
  • Sex.
  • Enthusiasm.
  • Romance.
  • Hope.

are the 7 biggest positive energies and sex is termed as the most powerful one.

in a nutshell, Sex transmutation is re-directing the mind from thoughts of physical expression to thoughts of another creative effort. According to Hill, doing this has the potential to transform mediocrity into genius which Applies to both genders.

Napoleon Hill - The Author of Think of Grow holding his own Book
Napoleon Hill – The Author of Think of Grow holding his own Book

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2. Acquire financial education

You must agree that, since childhood, no one talks about money or teaches you how to make money, but the irony is that at the end of the day everyone is looking for a job.

The sad reality is that our formal education doesn’t promote the strategy to build an asset. The best bet is to learn from books and youtube videos. At least you will get to learn from those who have actually made it.

acquiring financially will not only help the young generation to learn about money but will also assist them to acquire the knowledge of managing money. Financial knowledge can be acquired by reading books on money, taking financial courses, maintaining a monthly budget spreadsheet and actually managing money of their own

3. Stop buying useless things and save money

if You want to impress your friends, then stop doing whatever you are pursuing right now—one of the speakers exclaimed during a meetup. This point is correlated to the second point, most of the people in the early 20s get a decent job and start buying unnecessary things camera, bikes, expensive dresses most to impress others, and to show how cool their life is.

This is something that should not be morally judged but if you have a strong desire to rise from mediocrity then start practicing today.

Stop buying things you don’t need and save money and learn to invest, this is one of the vital self help skills for young people. Buy only when it is absolute necessity and use the rest money to invest and self-educate yourself.

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4. Don’t play it too safe in life , take risks

Your 20s is probably the golden age for learning and making extreme progress in the long term. Instead of just settling for a safe job or life—why don’t we explore new things, who know that you might find something that would regenerate your hidden quality?. No one is average it is only the choices they make that builds.

This young age is all about freedom and exploration, as you have nothing to lose. Try new thing and explore new different place, meet with different people , understand their perspective and that might open up something completely new for you. The Best way I feel to know yourself better is to travel more and take risks in life.

5. Seek Life like Mystery,Be more curious in Life

Don’t pretend as an expert, 20s is all about experiencing. failing, making mistakes and learning from them. Life should be an empty cup. as Socrates once said— True knowledge exists in knowing that you know nothing.

if you are young, taking action and being curious in whatever you feel like is the best way to explore yourself, as whenever you try new things and take a risk there is a chance that you will discover something completely new and who knows it might turn out to be a miracle for you.

Image source – Inspiration abode

6. Acquire a High-income skill in Life

A High-income skill in one word is acquiring a skill that is in high demand in the world, that pays you well and that solves problems of this world. For example-SEO ( search engine optimization ) is a high-income skill in the domain of digital marketing which helps companies to rank on the page of google. A person having good knowledge in SEO is bound to be paid well. ( Explained more below )

Convert any of your interset, hobbies into skills. Some of the high-income skills would be — Coding, data-driven analysis, digital marketing, website making, copywriting, and so on. Whether you want to become an entrepreneur or want to work in a top MNC, a highly demanded skill is the only thing that will make your path smooth.’

7. Make good relationship with people

Networking with good people is the half-truth, what works best is to make those people your good friends by giving them something for free. A good favour is always remembered than just begging for service.

When you make good relationship with other people, you create a network and when you give something for free, they are much more likely to assist you in the future. Try to add values in Life of other people lives.

8. Read More and educate yourself

One of the best advice I received was the habit of self-educating and reading. Every month put some amount of your income into self-educating and buying books that will add values in your life.

It’s a never-ending journey —There is no exact answer that will solve all your problems, but first, you have to find out yourself by taking actions and learning from some of the most creative minds of the world and I think books are the way to start it.

There are Several Benefits of Reading as well

1. Reading is good for your brain

“Reading is to the mind what exercise is to the body.” Joseph Addison penned this quote roughly 300 years ago, before modern science and research equipment could back up his claim. Today, however, scientific studies show that reading does make you smarter. Reading a novel, for example, increases the blood flow and improves connectivity in the brain.

2. Reading introduces you to new ideas and invites you to solve problems

Have you ever solved a case in a mystery book before you read the conclusion or predicted a turn of events in a novel? Your analytical thinking was stimulated merely from reading. Reading helps you detect patterns, solve problems, and assimilate new information as if you were living in the characters’ shoes.

3. Reading makes you a better writer

When you read, your brain absorbs good writing techniques and vocabulary. In your own writing, you will unconsciously copy the writing styles of books that held your attention. Reading also enhances your vocabulary and spelling. New words appear in their natural context and you can deduce meaning from the surrounding words, while visually imprinting their spelling for accurate recall.

4. Reading improves your conversational skills

Because reading increases your vocabulary and your knowledge of how to correctly use new words, reading helps you clearly articulate what you want to say. The knowledge you gain from reading also gives you lots to talk about with others. I love talking to people – especially little kids – who read a lot. Their conversation tends to be deep, and it makes me grin when little ones use fancy words they found in a book.

5. Reading strengthens worldview and convictions

When you read a book with a concurring worldview, it reinforces your convictions. If you read a book with an opposing worldview, it broadens your perspective and causes you to examine your beliefs and search for truth.

6. Reading improves your self-discipline and consistency

With the modern barrage of media and instant technological information, our attention spans are getting shorter and shorter. Reading a book, unlike skimming a web page, forces you to focus. To get the most out of a story, you must fixate on the plot and complete the book. In doing this, your brain forms deep connections and practices concentration.

7. Reading increases your knowledge of history

Reading can teach you historical politics, customs, cultures, economics, and intellect. Often these facts are set in the context of a story, making history easy to remember. When I was in middle school, history was not my favourite subject. The dates and events didn’t capture my attention when they came from a history book. Historical fiction, however, was a different matter. I loved reading about the past in story form, and I effortlessly learned historical facts and concepts while reading. I appreciate and understand the people and cultures of the past so much more than if I’d read only factual history books.

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9. Never confuse your self-worth with net-worth

The second you realize you’re trying to fulfil the sense of your existence to have meaning is the very second you can notice your self worth is determined by criteria outside of your own value for your existence. Anytime you have to have value for your existence, are all moments we can notice we really do not have ourselves, and therefore our self-worth is really not well.

So, self-worth is dependent on trying to feel good or it just doesn’t need to feel good. The confusing part here is, it feels good to feel good, and why not. So, the why not is only applicable when it applies to having to satisfy our own feelings about our existence, like who we are needs to matter, otherwise, go feel good which won’t have to do with trying to make you feel better as a person.

Improving self-worth comes into play when we can see that we are trying to feel good about how we feel about who we are. It’s one thing to feel good, and it’s another thing to feel good about who we are. It can feel good to do something nice for someone, but, How are we really feeling good about?. So, Self-worth is about finding the truth you seek and the purpose that satisfies it.

This is a lifestyle, its how we live. Recognizing what are we trying to fulfill, is it about our sense of self worth or is it just about feeling good outside of this. As we live life, if we can realize if living life is making us feel like we matter, then this being our self worth tries to get this attention. It’s not easy to have a healthy sense of self worth if it doesn’t already exist, or is a struggle, but like anything it gets easier with practice. Which allows us to get to know ourselves better, and live off of just experiencing life for what it is or needing to experience life to satisfy our self worth.

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