7 Carl Jung Quotes On Life and Emotions

7 Rare Carl Jung Quotes on Life and Emotions

I am fascinated with Carl Jung quotes and thoughts as explained below, his words and writing feel like coming from a man who has distinctively observed humankind. As if someone who has a knack in knowing the deepest truths of human behaviour.

Best Carl jung quotes – Curated

Here, I have collected 7 of the Best Carl Jung’s quotes about life and emotions that are just an eye-opener for anyone who reads it —

1.“As scientific understanding has grown, so our world has become dehumanized. Man feels isolated in the cosmos because he is no longer involved in nature and has lost his emotional “unconscious identity” with natural phenomena. These have slowly lost their symbolic implications. Thunder is no longer the voice of an angry god, nor is lightning his avenging missile.

No river contains a spirit, no tree is the life principle of a man, no snake the embodiment of wisdom, no mountain cave the home of a great demon. No voices now speak to man from stones, plants, and animals, nor does he speak to them believing they can hear. His contact with nature has gone, and with it has gone the profound emotional energy that this symbolic connection supplied.”

— C.G. Jung, Man and His Symbols

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Meaning- ( Carl Jung Quotes on Nature )

Here the Carl Jung quote is depicting to an alienation of the society, that once a famous philosopher Karl Marx also have pointed. He is saying that a modern world is making us dehumanized, we are restricting ourselves from nature and knowing ourselves in solitude.

We are connected yet, lost. Our eternal connection to the purpose has somewhat faded and now we no longer search for it.

2. The more you cling to that which all the world desires, the more you are Everyman, who has not yet discovered himself and stumbles through the world like a blind man leading the blind with somnambulistic certainty into the ditch. Everyman is always a multitude. Cleanse your interest of that collective sulphur which clings to all like leprosy.

The unconscious demands your interest for its own sake and wants to be accepted for what it is.

Therefore away with your crude and vulgar desirousness, which childishly and shortsightedly sees only goals within its own narrow horizon. Therefore bethink you for once and consider: What is behind all this desirousness? A thirsting for the eternal~ C.G. Jung (Mysterium Coniunctionis)

Carl Jung On Solitude

Meaning-( Carl Jung On Solitude )

The more you follow, what others are doing, then you simply become a sheep, who can’t survive on its own. Following the crowd is like sleepwalking in the abyss of mediocrity, which Carl Jung quoted.

As we can see, this is happening in the real world, we rarely spare time to venture themselves. We are hooked to chasing certainty and security, in the end, we die without making any known significance.

we are only seeing our world through a short-sighted lense, without calculating the consequences that we might be facing.

3.“Whatever is rejected from the self, appears in the world as an event.” — C. G . Jung

Meaning- ( Carl Jung quote on fate)

As per what I have understood, carl Jung is referring to destiny and what your soul is connected to. No matter what are the circumstances, no one can snatch away your inner qualities and what you are meant to be. Eventually, it becomes a reality when you understand the importance behind it.

4.“Sometimes you no longer recognize yourself. You want to overcome it, but it overcomes you. You want to set limits, but it compels you to keep going. You want to elude it, but it comes with you. You want to employ it, but you are its tool; you want to think about it, but your thoughts obey it. Finally, the fear of the inescapable seizes you, for it comes after you slowly and invincibly. — Carl Gustav Jung, The Red Book: Liber Novus

Carl Jung quote on fate

Meaning -(Carl Jung quote on thinking )

when the purpose of your life is bigger than you excuses and fear, it compels you to work for it. Sometimes we tend to fly away from our duties, but this quote describes that the more you try to run away the more it clings to you because it is already a part of you.

This tells you to eliminate fear and move towards the identity you are afraid to seek.

5. As far we can discern, the sole purpose of human existence is to kindle a light of meaning in the darkness of mere being — Carl Jung

Meaning-(Carl Jung quote on Finding Purpose)

Carl Jung is pointing out to have a purpose-driven life, you should know why you are living, whether you are in a job or starting your own business first you must ask yourself —

  • Why I am even doing this?
  • What is the purpose behind this?

just to survive for the sake of money and having a family is like living under a tree but not eating its fruit. The opportunities are wasted like this.

6. All beginnings are small. Therefore we must not mind doing tedious but conscientious work on obscure individuals, even though the goal towards which we strive seems unattainably far off. But one goal we can attain, and that is to develop and bring to maturity individual personalities — Carl Gustav Jung, CW 16, Para 229

Meaning -(Carl Jung on Consistency)

Carl Jung is pointing out to enjoy the process of reaching towards your goals in life, although it may be boring and frustrating you must not stop. Stop caring about success or failure, if you succeed you will explore something new, if you fail you will learn. You will develop maturity in both ways.

Take actions for your vision in life.

7.“A man who is not on fire is nothing: he is ridiculous, he is two-dimensional. He must be on fire even if he does make a fool of himself. A flame must burn somewhere, otherwise, no light shines; there is no warmth, nothing.” — C. G. Jung, Seminar on Kundalini Yoga

Meaning -(Carl Jung quote on soul)

Carl Jung in the above line is portraying towards having dreams in our life, a dream that will drive us forward, assist us in the downtime and motivate us to wake up in the morning.

This lines also reminds me of a quote from Napoleon Hill, the author of the book — Think and Grow Rich, “Every great achievement starts with a burning desire”.

A fire must glow inside your heart, that will ignite your engine of progress, if a man can’t dream, he becomes lifeless and bashes in life like a boat without an oar in the unexplained current of the waves.

What are your favourite quotes out of all the seven, drop your comment and also share this though-provoking lines with friends.

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