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5 Steps to Finding Yourself (Explained)

1.Fail Better to grow in Life—

Finding yourself is one of the most important aspects of your life and Most of us never make it to our full potential due to the fear of failure, the one extra step that we are afraid to take leaves us behind forever. If you closely think, then failure isn’t actually losing something moreover a way of finding those hidden qualities through trial and error. If you don’t explore then how can you find your true self?

We all start at Zero when we are born. And we all fail at something or other. We all generally learn from our failures. Sometimes properly and sometimes improperly. A person who never fails is a disaster waiting to happen because he/she is grossly overconfident. Thus, it will most often be a big and significant failure. I believe that there are many historical examples of this.

Far better to fail gracefully with understanding and Learn with small to medium failures where lives are not lost or disastrously affected than to be always right…And inevitably disastrously wrong. So Learn to fail…And from failing. Then you can learn to succeed

2.Be curious like a child to find yourself

The more curiosity the better, it will assist you to question the small things and eventually lead to big discoveries. Just Look at all the great inventors, they have become inventors not because they are smarter but because of their curiosity in little things which a common man would ignore often.

Curiosity is a state when the mind is alert which generally a positive indicator is eager to learn andy new information/knowledge they come across. A peaceful mind’s curiosity can have a good imagination too that can help in quality output many times. curiosity can be of help for an individual who dreams of success, curiosity can push a person to begin to plan, work or continue to dream to reach the success desired. Curiosity provides the idea, and the will to forge a faster way to meet the positive end/purpose

There can be a negative side also, a child is always curious to know not only what is taught but his/her observation without knowing if the registered information is good or bad.

When one grows the registered thought in his/her mind can create a perception where conditioned can be harmful to them or lack morality. Well in such conditioned state they do not have any curiosity remaining except it is used for spying others with some bad intention.

finding yourself quote by Akash Majumder

Thus curiosity remains healthy trait when a person is honest to him/her self as it allows to not get fixed with one condition mind.

This nature itself means one adding certain values even if they don’t know in these words.

It could indicate their ability to connect with the heart and are not dependent on the reasoning of mind which can make them wiser. Nature could be following certain discipline so the element of spirituality exists or shall come in place with time which has its own benefit.

Benefit at home or in society could be spreading pleasantness, it could have a better sense of humanity and at work can help in making one efficient or can sprout with innovative ideas too.

The eagerness is not so much on fruits because the mind sees plentiful capability beyond what is in hand. It is the curiosity that keeps healthy and calm that has the right reason not to jump into a half-baked conclusion that one has to repent another day. Curiosity this is like a child’s mind ingrown with the difference of being aware so such people know to take conscious decision being a beautiful part of the trait.

3.Praise Boredom to know yourself —

Often when we get bored we shift directly to social media and other interactive apps to get busy, without even knowing we are just making our brain habituated to short term happiness, which releases a chemical called dopamine, slowly it becomes a reward receiving loop thus a habit is formed. When boredom struck that means, you need to stop doing anything and think about who you want to become from 7–8 years from now. Ask questions or some time just stare at the ceiling doing nothing.

sometimes boredom is good because it allows you to spend time alone and ponder over some self-actualization question that might be helpful for your overall maturity in life.

4.Spend time alone ( Thinking time )—

People are becoming miserable in this modern world not because they lack money or things they want but because they never spend a single moment with themselves. This is quite similar to the above point but here you tend to think deeply about yourself and what you really want from life.

Benefits of Spending Time Alone

  • Spending time alone gives you “me time”, to find be more self-aware or look upon your strengths, you get to know yourself better.
  • It builds your mental depth
  • It increases your tolerance level
  • It builds inner peace and elevates creativity when you look deep within your own mind and the best way to do this is to practice solitude.

All men’s miseries derive from not being able to sit in a quiet room alone-Blaise Pascal

5.Life is a quest, not a destination—

What if I say that you will never really gonna find accurately what you actually love doing—Confused?, See Life cannot be fully figured out because it is full of mysteries, suspense, thrill, and adventures. Don’t afraid to be multidimensional and at the same time remember to approach life like a quest, don’t settle for one thing. Go out and do different kinds of stuff so that you can make vivid memories and explore new horizons.

approach life like a quest, all your current goals are just like a milestone but the puzzle of life never gets solved. As long as you are alive try to relish life from a perspective of mystery and never stop being curious. Life is a quest, a process not a destination.

5 Finding yourself quotes

here are one of my top 10 favorite finding yourself quotes

Find Yourself Quotes

1.Your True Inspiration in life comes from few simple things, rest are distractions

2. Before Pursuing anything we neve ask ourselves “Why”. Most of our difficulties comes from not doing what we love

find yourself quotes

3. The Road is open for You, the vision and dreams are waiting, once you go through, wit and inspiration falls beside you. ( it means to pursue your dreams the rest will fall on its place)

4. Have Patience with everything that remains unsolved in your heart, try to love the question themselves , like locked rooms and like books written in foreign language. At present you need to live the question. Perhaps you will gradually , without even noticing it, find yourself experiencing the answer, some distant day-Robin Sharma

5. Do something out of devotion, not for the rewards. ( Rewards are good but the first thing that should come in your mind while pursuing something is devotion and love )

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