Ways To Train Your Brain

18 Creative ways to train your Brain which increases IQ

Ways To Train Your Brain is a must-learn skill Before one does anything to improve knowledge and this is a preliminary thing everyone should follow.

The mind is like a coffee cup. The more you keep it empty, the more you can add. If you try to add even a little drop after it becomes full then it is futile.

let’s be honest with yourself at some point in your life, you thought “How can I be a smart person”, we all indeed have an innate dream of being the Centre of attraction. If your answer is also yes, let’s dive deeper into this article to explore more.

IQ of Famous Personalities

  • Albert Einstein used to have an IQ of 160
  • Stephen Hawkings also have an IQ of 160
  • Judit Polgar, The chess player is alleged to have an IQ of 170

Wow !!!, Isn’t that interesting ?

I used to think a lot about how all those people like “Albert Einstein”, Nikola Tesla, Stephen W. Hawking have such a high IQ. if you are also fascinated by knowing on “Are these people had inborn talents” or “Did they just trained their mind to be so sharp”?

here, you will get all the answer —

How IQ is measured

In science, the term intelligence typically refers to what we could call academic or cognitive intelligence. In their book on intelligence, professors Resing and Drenth (2007)* answer the question ‘What is intelligence?’ using the following definition:

“The whole of cognitive or intellectual abilities required to obtain knowledge, and to use that knowledge in a good way to solve problems that have a well-described goal and structure.”

In ordinary language, one could say that intelligence refers to how smart or clever you are.

Ways To Train Your Brain
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Although, everyone can change their IQ according to constant practice and improvement in their brain.

How can I train my brain to be smarter?

The only way to train your brain to be smarter is to constantly challenge it with tasks and situations. When you Brain is not challenged often, it dampens the qualities and hidden attributes of your Brain. Keep Challenging your brain with tasks that make it sharper and keener. The more Brain is faced with a challenging and creative situation the more it will evolve itself into being more open, smarter and shrewd. ( As explained below ).

Exercises like —

  • Brain Teasers
  • Reading
  • Solving puzzles
  • Traveling

are some ways to modify your brain neural patterns. Your Brain is, in fact, a muscle when exercised and stretched out by challenging tasks it evolves into greater significance. it can get stronger, with use. Let’s dive into some more creative ways to train your brain.

Ways To Train Your Brain
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18 Creative ways to train your Brain which increases IQ

  1. Read more Books — Read-only quality books, as there are a lot of books that are just repeating the same information therefore If you wish to improve your knowledge than more than standard books start reading Biographies, philosophy books, and books on human behaviours.
  2. Participate in social activities — Participating in social activities helps to know more about the problem which cannot be known through any news and social media because sometimes they misinterpret it. As you dive deeper into interaction with people it helps you to know the world from their perspective.
  3. Spend time alone —With the rise in distraction and chaos of the world, you need the time to explore your inner thoughts and the best way I know is to spend time with yourself, as it will help you to excavate more creative life approaches.
  4. Start Listening more — Learn To listen more than talk, all great minds try to gain as much information as they can before they speak.
  5. Carry a book with you —Somtimes in the crowd, all you need is a book to help you learn from all the great minds in those few pages.
  6. Be Curious— Once Heraclitus said, “Those who approach life like a child playing a game, moving and pushing pieces, possess the power of kings.”
  7. Don’t be a Monkey — Don’t be a monkey while doing work, If you are reading something then give it your full attention, if you are playing the don’t try to do your homework at the same time. We think that multitasking will get us through but in reality, nothing is given the full focus.
  8. Use commute time — You can discover new words of wisdom, listen to audiobooks or even you can plan your day when you commute. Time is always precious hence how you use it will decide where you will be.
  9. Learn a new language — Sometimes learning a new language builds up new nueral patterns in your brain which not only assists you to be more creative but also makes you openminded.
  10. Have a Smart Circle — Talking and interacting with people smarter than you will fetch you more information and widen your path in search of knowledge.
  11. Solve puzzle — Solving puzzles like Rubik’s cube, crossword, maze helps you to think in more than one possible way which in turn activates your brain.
  12. Travel more — “The bold adventurer succeeds the best.” — Ovid, travel more so that you can see how people in different places use their time and life. Travelling will also give you a new objective for a meaningful life.
  13. Learn to master a skill — Your Smartness can further be divided into one of the key skills you possess. This will not only help you to know yourself but also will open a new door for self-exploration.
  14. Test yourself by Training— Even the world’s best footballer needs a trainer to learn and improve themselves. Therefore instead of pondering more on the written information, try practising it in real life because it will give you a more realistic answer to your capabilities.
  15. Share your wisdom — Knowledge gets doubled only when you share it. If you don’t find an appropriate audience, record your points and upload it to Youtube or write your answer on Quora, or just scribble them in a piece of paper or journal.
  16. Have a Quality sleep — Even a bodybuilder will take a day off from his work-out to give his muscles rest. The brain’s will power is also like a muscle that also needs rest. Only a good quality of sleep will make your brain more productive in the long run.
  17. Follow Rule 21 — Any work will become a habit if you follow it continuously for 21 days. Installing a new habit is a completely new test for your brain.
  18. Don’t quit to easily — One cannot be a pro overnight. Everything needs time. Do your work without giving up returns will come automatically but it will take time.

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Is there any other way of Measuring IQ?

Ways To Train Your Brain
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According to a study done and publish at Mensa

A higher IQ can also be measured in another way besides taking a test. The study published awhile ago mentioned that a higher IQ correlates with your awareness.

One of my friends took an IQ test when he was a kid, he had an IQ of 130. He knows a lot of different things and has a good long term memory.

He was able to remember most of the speech he gives way back in 5th grade about Einstein and his theory of relativity, also what it was about. He mentioned that the higher your IQ is, the more logical your brain. I never had my IQ tested my, but according to what I just told you, it is highly likely that the higher your IQ goes, the better your memory gets.

Constant Learning Develops IQ

“Your memory is like a spider-web, the more it catches the more it grows, and the more it grows, the more it catches.”

Children with high IQ usually have a higher awareness of things that most kids in the room don’t notice. It is especially true in the case of Warren Buffet. It was mentioned in his biography how he would read a lot as a kid and had pretty much a photographic memory. In other words, the ability to remember information or visual images in great detail.

Image for post
Picture of Elon Musk

Entrepreneur Elon Musk read every single book in the library that he went to as a kid. His memory was good enough to remember the small details from an encyclopedia. You can increase your IQ by taking more test, it is just a score people assesses you on.

But you can increase your intelligence by increasing your long term memory, which in terms will increase your awareness

Conclusion —

there is no exact research on “what actually increases your IQ, but the above techniques stated surely going to boost your mental strength, allowing you to explore your mind to a greater level. All the techniques stated above is the result of my own experience.

And I would say that — “I can feel a change in myself” , Why don’t you try yourself? that would be fun.

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