15 Best Chanakya Quotes On Life, Family & Love(Explained)

15 Best Chanakya neeti Quotes on Life, Family & Love

Chanakya’s Neeti Quotes and ideas have highly inspired and motivated people around the world.

You should read Chanakya Neeti because it will tell you what to do and what not to do in life. This book has all the strategies, knowledge and tactics that will help you to tackle life in a more effective way. Chanakya’s teaching is widely regarded and is one of the most intelligent thinkers Ancient Bharat has witnessed.

Chanakya was born in 375 BCE, Chanaka village in Golla region (Jain legends); Takshashila, he was a Teacher, Philosopher, Economist, Jurist, advisor of Chandragupta Maurya.

He is generally known for Prominent role in the foundation of the Maurya Empire & Arthashastra, Chanakya Niti.

Chanakya Quote about Life, love and Relationships

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Chanakya Niti Quotes On Life

Chanakya Neeti Quotes on Life

1. Desires of the mind! Who has got all the cushy things? everything depends on destiny, therefore count your blessings

Meaning —

Our mind is always wandering around for things, it never gets satisfied. Just after fulfilling one desire, another comes to its place. It will be a never-ending process and you will never get satisfied, but this is life.

People only understand the value of something when they lose it Hence, be grateful for what you have, always spread gratitude for the food you eat, for the place you are living in and the people you met.

According to Chanakya, your destiny is a big deal, and everything you have right now is because you are destined for it. You do not get what you want but what you deserve.

work for your dreams, but never be so blind not to see the actual opportunity passing you.

2. Egoism gets dissolved in the knowledge of the supreme soul, then wherever the mind goes there it meets the ultimate goal

Meaning —

This verse depicts the qualities of a learned and enlightened person. Whenever your ego perishes, you become free from the clutches of your mind and those situations which comes from a strong ego.

The supreme soul, the ultimate knowledge is called “Atma vidya”, which is awakened when a person is no more gets controlled by his/her ego.

3. The human mind is indeed the cause of bondage and deliverance, the love of pleasure enslaves but detachments liberates

Meaning —

“Your mind is your greatest friend and you worst enemy”.Focsuing on the same idea Chanakya present the verses, which has a deep meaning.

As in the 21st century, we human beings are constantly running after things that rarely add any value to our life, we are controlled by desire rather than morales. We are constrained by commercials which regulate our spending habits. Buying things which we don’t need to impress people we don’t like.

Our mind is constantly in search of happiness, chasing money, things, cars, houses, partners, pleasures etc, without knowing that the happiness we seek is already within us.

The mind can only be free when you are free to attachments and never be afraid to lose. Minscopetion arises when you think everything as you own. With death perishes your possession, so why bother so much on disagreements instead of creating values in the world.

4. As fragrance in a flower, oil in sesame seed, fire in wood, butter in milk, and sweetness in sugarcane one should seek the soul in a body

Meaning —

Chanakya in the above verses is denoting to seek your soul, “What is your purpose in life”?

A flower’s richness is in its fragrance. We search out in sesame seeds. Wood is useful only when it can light a fire, wet wood is of no use to anyone. When we churn milk, we get butter. Sugarcane carries sugar in its fibre. Just like we search for the essence in these things, we must look for the soul in the body which has covered purpose, yet to discover by you.

Find your personality, search for new things that mould your soul into the identity you are seeking.

5. He who has failed to attain either virtue, wealth, satisfaction of desires or salvation, lives useless life. Like nipple hanging on the neck of a goat

Meaning —

According to Indian Vedic Literature, we have 4 goals or Purushartha(The object of human pursuit )

  • Dharma — Right conduct
  • Artha — Wealth
  • Kama — Gratification
  • Moksha — Liberation

only if we attain, these four then our living completes a fulfilling existence. While you are reading this, you should ask yourself that have I achieved any of these goals or am I preparing myself?

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If you fail to achive this, then living is like a nipple hanging on the neck of a goal — says Chanakya.

Chanakya Niti Quotes On Family

Chanakya Neeti Quotes on Family

1. Truth is my mother, knowledge is my father, virtue is my brother, compassion my friend, peace is my wife, forgiveness is my son, these six I keep as my kinsmen

Meaning —

Your family and the people you hang around plays a remarkable role in shaping your character. If you spend time with people having no virtues or aim in life, your inner self will also be constructed in the same way.

Hence, Chanakya depicted that truth should be your mother, Everything within you should be born from a womb of truth, and that should be your foundation. Knowledge should be your father which will guide you in your life, And virtues should be your siblings, it will support you like a brother.

A person’s wife or husband is a long term companion. Chanakya says to keep peace with your other half, as you are going to spend the rest of your life with them. Trust is important, without hatred in your heart, with consideration for forgiveness — which is the son. When you have all six relatives, you will become an unstoppable force.

2. Parents are the enemies of a child who is not given education, he stands like a crance amidst swans in any social gathering

Meaning —

the most prominent role of parents is to develop a better future generation for the world. Naturally, it indicates a proper education that should be given to their child. But hold on, don’t confuse education with schooling.

Education means to teach him/her the tactics, strategies and ideas to prosper in life. If someone is getting married and expects to have a child, first they must ask themselves that are we capable of providing a better environment of knowledge and learning to that kid?

an illiterate stands out like a crane among the group of swans, says Chanakya.

3. Of What Use is a noble family to men without education, A scholar even from a low family wins gods’ admiration

Meaning —

The above Chanakya quotes describe similar significance to the number 2 quotes above.

Here, he brings up that without education and learning a man is useless and no matter how wealthy or learned his family is it will rarely make any difference. A family is null when it comes to a person’s identity and personality.

Although It is a great privilege to born in a noble and high-class family, but if you can’t speak or behave properly among others then it is of no use. Whereas a learned man even from a lower family background can be an epitome of attraction among others with his/her knowledge and way of talking.

4. They alone are sons who are devoted to their father, he is a father who nurtures his children, a friend is the one who is a repository of faith, A wife is she in whom the husband finds satisfaction

Meaning —

Chanakya jotted down that a son should always treat his father with devotion and respect. And an ideal father nurtures his children, helping them grow and learn in life.

A good friend is he who stands out to your faith, whom you can trust in uncertainty. Likewise, a good life is the one who loves and cares for her husband and family, creating a happy and peaceful home.

5. The one who betrays his own fraternity and seeks refuge with the enemy brings about his own downfall like a kingdom without piety

Meaning —

This quote is widely recognisable in the modern era, as people in the same family are turning against each other. Fighting, quarrelling causing mayhem because of wealth and money.

We all belong to a fraternity, it could be our family, our kingdom or community. One should be committed to his community without duality.

If not then, such a person brings his own destruction, when he joins the enemy, he faces his downfall like a king without loyalty and devotion toward his kingdom.

Chanakya Niti Quotes On Love and Relationship

Chanakya Neeti Quotes on love, relationships and marriage

1. Delicious food and the potency to eat, beautiful women and the potency to romance, wealth in abundance and the potency to give, these are not the rewards of ordinary penance

Meaning —

remember, that nothing comes easy. Similarly, delicious food comes with good money and the ability to buy it.

A good wife or women can arouse your intentions to have a romance with her, but will it come easy? Money has potential, which you can use to travel all around the world, but will it come easy? Of course not.

It requires patience, work, struggle and consistency. Good things come slowly.

As, in the 21st century, people are getting into psychical relations rather than intimate, people are gambling and all kinds of misdeeds are erupting. Chanakya Niti describes that things last longer when they are earned.

2. Making Love in private, Boldness, storing useful items, watchfulness and trusting anyone easily, these five qualities have to be learned from the crow

Meaning —

The crow is not liked by everyone. It is no beautiful to look at, however, this little creature has a boatload of good qualities that one can follow in his/her life.

protect your privacy, you don’t have to show the world how happy you are or how you are making love with your partner. Understand respect, sanctity and intimacy.

One should be bold just like the crow, no matter how many times you shooe them away, but still, they return and waits for an opportunity to steal the food. Here, Boldness is depicted as persistence.

Similarly, one should also be self-awareness of his/her strengths and weakness, at the same time be resourceful with important knowledge, tools and ideas.

3. A man who loses money is deserted by friends, by his wife, well-wisher and dependents. On his becoming rich, they hang on to him again. In this world money is indeed a true ally of man!

Meaning —

I know, this quote might be a bit hard to gulp, eventually this is the harsh truth of life. A man is respected by his knowledge but wealth plays a greater role too.

In this materialistic world, a person who is not financially stable is quickly discarded by friends, he is deemed worthless. Sometimes his own wife leaves him. His well-wisher gives upon him.

Hence, don’t hate money, learn the basic financial knowledge in life, because love and relationships can’t solely be glued on your personality it also depends on the external matter — such as money.

4.Test a servant when he is discharging his duties, relatives during adversity, friends during an emergency and a wife during misfortune

Meaning —

Assess a person’s worth in difficult situations. To test a servant observes how he accomplishes a difficult chore. What his attitude towards work? Is he honest and sincere? Is he enthusiastic and earnest?

And good relative with can be tested when you face trouble, a friend during emergy and a wife during a misfortune. If a wife know how to treat her husband is uncertainties or in a misfortune then she has pious qualities.

5. She who is chaste, clever, soft-spoken, truthful, pleasing to the husband is a true wife

Meaning —

According to Chanakya, a wife should be neat and simple, in other words, she is monogamous and clever is dealing with life and work. A good wife voice is soft and is truly affected by her husband.

If we look closely, we can see that in the 21st century there is a rise in the divorce rate. Most people nowadays are adapting to live in relations, polygamy and infidelity, external affairs and all. Follow Chanakya Quotes.

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